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TRADE4ME is a FinTech company base in Naija (Nigeria) founded in year 2015 by Mr. Ayoola Ayodele Shina who is one of the top financial trading analyst. Trade4me is a trading and financial portfolio management program powered by eTecHone international as one of its services, we offer Impartial & Independent Solutions in the financial market, specially Portfolio Management.  TRADE4ME enable beginners, experiened, corporate or any potential investor to invest into the financial market for better ROI being managed by our professionals.

eTecHone International is a Company registered with Corporation Affairs Commission. The team memberís possess vast knowledge on how to trade FX market (CFD) successfully and profitably both in short and long time investment cycle.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to maintain our profit consistency on all our  portfolio funds  we manage  while safeguarding the investorís capital.

  • Trade4me number one task in fulfilling its obligations is the safety of principals.

  • Trade4me second task in achieving its obligation is income and/or profit generation.

  • Trade4me third task to fulfill its obligations is consistent capital and profit growth.

  • Trade4me last not the least is under promising but over performance in our service delivery towards the investing management.

Our Service

  • TRADE4ME Portfolio Management Service.

  • TRADE4ME Offshore Portfolio Management Service.

  • Financial Market Structure Analysis Services

  • Project 101 implementation and execution.

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