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How do I join?

  Get a membership form from the office or Online or call us on the indicated hotline on the website.

What is the minimum Forex Manage Account Size?

  The minimum is $100,000 and above.

Is there any other cost?

 Yes. This is regarded as  Set up fees which covers upfront expenses to maintain your trading account for the first month of management,  membership registration and form inclusive in the set up fees which is one time payment.

What is the rate of returns monthly ROI?

It could be more depending on the market performances and trading but on average of 25% or more or less monthly. This serves as the actual expected  returns on your investment but we strive to generate good profit by properly managing our investors' funds, in other words, we can be paid handsomely with our profit percentage.

How does Trade4me Team get paid or earn?

 We get paid base on our performance of profit from trading.

 What will be my percentage of return after investment cycle?

60% of the profit goes to the investors in proportional to your profit while 40% to the manager.

How is trade being managed? Auto or manual?

We manage our trades through a Semi-Automatic trading.

Can I stop the service?

Yes. No strings attached.

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